Welcome to Kensington Square

As the planned renovations at Kensington Square continue, we want to assure you that our businesses and services will remain open to serve you and that we will be working hard to minimize disruption throughout the process. We trust that you will “pardon our dust” as we work towards a new and improved Kensington Square Shopping Centre and look forward to revealing the finished product this summer. I sincerely hope that you continue to love shopping here.

ROSE MORENO, Shopping Centre Manager.



Whether your cooking style produces tantalizing treasures or simple family classics, Canada Safeway has all the essentials surrounding the art of entertainment, including great ingredients for life.


Walk the larger and brighter newly renovated isles of Shoppers Drug Mart to drop off your prescription plus select from health and beauty products that will nourish, refresh and perfume your body with the best nature has to offer.


While each day will always hold its uncertainties, when asked how we are the answer is always “fabulous.” Fabulous accessories like designer sunglasses, the latest digital camera, lusciously scented freesias, sparkling wines and table top treasures are all easily found here.


Choose excellence when selecting Kensington Square services. Travel to distant shores, ship packages, update passport photos, purchase insurance, get a blood test and check up. Recycle, vaccinate your puppy, get financial advice, buy a house, lose weight, have your nails done, get a hair cut or just relax over an aromatic cup of coffee


Delicious is often used to describe the many delightful restaurants, coffee shops and eateries at Kensington Square. Non-chefs are praising the virtues of choosing a different restaurant every day of the week in order to experience a world of flavours.

Specialty Foods

Rituals for a longer, better life: Freshly prepared mains and sides along with organic fruits and vegetables. Delectable scented aromatics of just baked goods and the audible crunch of a healthy snack.